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Nostalgic Yet?

What we WILL NOT miss about China:

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English Corner: Come One, Come All

On Wednesday afternoons at the maritime university, you could find me in Dining Hall 2 most likely standing on a fuzzy red stage, dodgy microphone in hand. Being a “foreign expert”, my presence and native tongue is requested weekly at the school’s … Continue reading

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Planes, Trains, & Tuk Tuk Rides

WE’RE BACK on the same soil! After little over three months of long-distance communication and separate living spaces I’m more than happy to report that Ian & I are together in Nanjing, finally under one roof. The 32 game CBA … Continue reading

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Picture Tour: Around Nanjing & Anhui

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Chalk Dust

It’s a quarter past eight in the morning. I’m on a mission to savor a cup of coffee at the only place around here that serves a strong java without all the sugar and cream, Starbucks. The haze is thick … Continue reading

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Postcard From Nanjing: Happy Holidays

For me, Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind.            May you cherish the peaceful time together with those you love, in body & in spirit, sharing warmth, laughter, and … Continue reading

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Ian & Jenny’s Top Ten Lists

The winter cold is huffing and puffing its way to Nanjing, making our weekends together extra snuggly; hot cocoa, toasty socks, and movie marathons included. This weekend we comprised lists of things we have found most surprising, laugh-out-loud hilarious, and … Continue reading

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Open Windows & Flying Dragons

This past weekend, Ian & I traded roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy for Chinese hot pot, lamb on a stick, and boiled baby turtles (just kidding, we passed on the turtles…again). Thanksgiving night we had a date in a … Continue reading

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The Art of Peace

The trumpeting of car horns, the chirping of motor bike alarms, the pop and sizzle of firecrackers, the hollering of nasally Chinese women, the click-clacking of Eurasian Magpies, the swooshing of grass brooms across the pavement, the yipping of mutts in sweaters…these are … Continue reading

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China Through a Bus Window

Having been in China for four months, the biggest surprise to me has been the excessive amount of traveling the team did during the off-season. I expected the off-season to be based entirely in Nanjing and that during the official … Continue reading

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