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Planes, Trains, & Tuk Tuk Rides

WE’RE BACK on the same soil! After little over three months of long-distance communication and separate living spaces I’m more than happy to report that Ian & I are together in Nanjing, finally under one roof. The 32 game CBA … Continue reading

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Ian & Jenny’s Top Ten Lists

The winter cold is huffing and puffing its way to Nanjing, making our weekends together extra snuggly; hot cocoa, toasty socks, and movie marathons included. This weekend we comprised lists of things we have found most surprising, laugh-out-loud hilarious, and … Continue reading

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Open Windows & Flying Dragons

This past weekend, Ian & I traded roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy for Chinese hot pot, lamb on a stick, and boiled baby turtles (just kidding, we passed on the turtles…again). Thanksgiving night we had a date in a … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of Ms. Reese

I teach ESL (English as a Second Language) to 686 freshman boys at a marine engineering¬†university. This is my first year of teaching. After re-reading that statement I see how ridiculous it must sound. But, hey. I’m in China, a … Continue reading

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Picture Tour- Around Nanjing

Here are some pictures of recent happenings in Nanjing. I’ve been up and down with a bug and Ian has been traveling with the team the past week, hence our lack of recent blogging. He returned from a trip last … Continue reading

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In China, if you can’t speak Chinese, and even more important, if you can’t read Chinese, you are fundamentally helpless. Dictionaries are written in pinyin, the transcription of Chinese characters into the Roman alphabet, which is helpful when you are … Continue reading

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Lost on Planet China: A Book Review

I hate to admit it, but during the last several years most of my reading has consisted of articles, blogs, and books relating to the science of sports performance. I often feel like my “To-Read” list never gets any smaller. … Continue reading

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Picture Tour- Around Baixia

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Feast of Champions

This past weekend, with a wide-open schedule and a full backpack, I caught the high-speed train to Suzhou to reunite with Ian and join the basketball team on the road. He had been traveling with the Dragons for 3 weeks … Continue reading

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One week ago I arrived in China. It was a long and tiresome journey from DC to Chicago to Beijing to Nanjing, 36 hours juggling between airports and airplanes, but I made it in one piece. Although many of you … Continue reading

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