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As I expected, with 3 games played per week, the CBA season is flying by. Having 16 games behind us and only 16 left to go in the regular season, I thought it would be fun to give an update … Continue reading

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Open Windows & Flying Dragons

This past weekend, Ian & I traded roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy for Chinese hot pot, lamb on a stick, and boiled baby turtles (just kidding, we passed on the turtles…again). Thanksgiving night we had a date in a … Continue reading

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China Through a Bus Window

Having been in China for four months, the biggest surprise to me has been the excessive amount of traveling the team did during the off-season. I expected the off-season to be based entirely in Nanjing and that during the official … Continue reading

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Too Big for China

I saw this coming, but naively I kept my fingers crossed that finding clothes and shoes in China wouldn’t be too challenging. Of course, it’s not exactly easy for me to find things that fit in the United States either, so … Continue reading

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A Blog All About the CBA

For any readers who are interested in learning more about the Chinese Basketball Association, this blog I found provides quite a few insights into everything CBA. Topics range from foreign players, brawls, rumors, bad refereeing, and anything in-between. Enjoy. http://www.niubball.com/Continue reading

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The CBA Lifestyle

Many people probably imagine that life as a professional athlete is pretty sweet. Play a sport for a living. Check.  Stay in great shape. Check. Travel for free. Check.  “Work” for a few hours a day. Check. Have an extended … Continue reading

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