Jackalopes & Green Chiles

Life hasn’t stopped moving since our adventures in SE Asia. While perched atop the Malacca Strait in Sepang, Malaysia Ian was combing the web for strength & conditioning positions in the USA. Our deal was if he found a job back in the Land of Milk & Honey we’d go for it. If not, we’d continue our time abroad and make a few changes (like live together under the same roof). Before long Ian interviewed via Skype and hooked a coaching gig at the University of Denver in Colorado. It was time to pack up our hiking boots and canteens–Rocky Mountain High, here we come!

It’s been 2+ years since our SE Asia travels. Wow, time sure does fly. We’ve been through some big life changes since then and are now in a new and mysterious chapter in the American Southwest. To recap on our life thus far, we have:

  • Worked and played on Jenny’s family farm in Capon Bridge, WV
  • Packed up a Uhaul and drove from WV–> CO (whew, Kansas is never-ending!)
  • Moved in and out of two charming apartments in Denver
  • Coached hundreds of DU athletes, including NCAA champions! (Ian)
  • Fostered snuggly (not to mention naughty) kittens through the local animal shelter
  • Got engaged AND married! (yippee!)
  • Cared for chubby-cheeked babies and feisty adolescents (Jenny)
  • Cooked some glorious homemade meals together using our local CSA
  • Showed our lovely visitors the magnificence and charm of the Rockies (mountain towns are the cutest! Rocky Mountain National Park…there are no words. You must see it for yourself!)
  • Traveled from Denver–> Boston and in between for graduate school interviews (Jenny)
  • Packed up the Uhaul (again!) and moved south to Santa Fe, New Mexico

hike up to Picacho Peak, 8,500 ft elevation (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Here we are in the “Land of Enchantment”. Our main reason for venturing to Santa Fe is so I may attend graduate school for Art Therapy/ Counseling at a phenomenal consciousness-centered school focused on experiential learning. For 2+ years (and beyond) I’ll be reflecting on my own intentions and spiritual practices while training for licensure as an art therapist/ counselor. You can follow my creative-expressive journey on my BLOG, as well as sample photographs, life lessons, and adventure stories as we get to know this quirky town and surrounding terrain. Ian is also exploring his passions and beliefs while shifting his career path from coaching to real estate.


farmer’s market habanero chiles


Chief Lockwood Pose


farmer’s market shishoto peppers

We’re both paddling the learning boat together, both with cherry pie dreams and true intentions.

Thank you for being loyal followers of Hoops & Homonyms! We loved every moment of this blog. Your comments and support gave us daily inspiration, so much that I want to do it again! Cheers to a new chapter, to learning more about ourselves & one-another, and to future travels near & far.


tumblr_mgs0w9XxaO1qbyf2jo1_1280 (1)

a Jackalope

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2 Responses to Jackalopes & Green Chiles

  1. skarz says:

    I’ll have to check out Picacho Peak! Have you been up to Sandia Crest?

    Is Picacho Peak easily accessible?

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