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Planes, Trains, & Tuk Tuk Rides

WE’RE BACK on the same soil! After little over three months of long-distance communication and separate living spaces I’m more than happy to report that Ian & I are together in Nanjing, finally under one roof. The 32 game CBA … Continue reading

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Picture Tour Around Ayutthaya: Escape to Thailand (Part II)

While on my “voluntour” trip to Ayutthaya, I did much more than just teach English to sweet little Thai munchkins. I took my camera for a ride (by bicycle, motorbike, tuk tuk and foot) to beautiful and scenic wats (temples), … Continue reading

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Wat Kudi Lai: Escape to Thailand (Part I)

I eagerly departed from China, the climate a biting 37 F and the sun stillĀ asleep. Half a day later, I stepped out of the Bangkok airport and into an airless and ovenlike 93 F, poorly overdressed in thick jeans and … Continue reading

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