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The Art of Peace

The trumpeting of car horns, the chirping of motor bike alarms, the pop and sizzle of firecrackers, the hollering of nasally Chinese women, the click-clacking of Eurasian Magpies, the swooshing of grass brooms across the pavement, the yipping of mutts in sweaters…these are … Continue reading

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China Through a Bus Window

Having been in China for four months, the biggest surprise to me has been the excessive amount of traveling the team did during the off-season. I expected the off-season to be based entirely in Nanjing and that during the official … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of Ms. Reese

I teach ESL (English as a Second Language) to 686 freshman boys at a marine engineering university. This is my first year of teaching. After re-reading that statement I see how ridiculous it must sound. But, hey. I’m in China, a … Continue reading

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Too Big for China

I saw this coming, but naively I kept my fingers crossed that finding clothes and shoes in China wouldn’t be too challenging. Of course, it’s not exactly easy for me to find things that fit in the United States either, so … Continue reading

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Picture Tour- Around Nanjing

Here are some pictures of recent happenings in Nanjing. I’ve been up and down with a bug and Ian has been traveling with the team the past week, hence our lack of recent blogging. He returned from a trip last … Continue reading

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