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In China, if you can’t speak Chinese, and even more important, if you can’t read Chinese, you are fundamentally helpless. Dictionaries are written in pinyin, the transcription of Chinese characters into the Roman alphabet, which is helpful when you are … Continue reading

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A Blog All About the CBA

For any readers who are interested in learning more about the Chinese Basketball Association, this blog I found provides quite a few insights into everything CBA. Topics range from foreign players, brawls, rumors, bad refereeing, and anything in-between. Enjoy. reading

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Golden Week

Today, for some reason, it officially hit me that I am living in China. I was walking down the slippery sidewalk from the subway to the bus stop, weaving in and out of pedestrian traffic, and it hit me. Wow! … Continue reading

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A Fun 10-Minute Lesson on China

A new Chinese friend of mine sent me this video and I am happy that she did. The “lesson” covers everything from culture to education (and in between). It is engaging and informative-I learned a lot about China that I … Continue reading

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Lost on Planet China: A Book Review

I hate to admit it, but during the last several years most of my reading has consisted of articles, blogs, and books relating to the science of sports performance. I often feel like my “To-Read” list never gets any smaller. … Continue reading

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The Princess House & Friends

The long-awaited reveal of our home in China has come. Ladies & Gentlemen…I give you the Princess House.

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The CBA Lifestyle

Many people probably imagine that life as a professional athlete is pretty sweet. Play a sport for a living. Check.  Stay in great shape. Check. Travel for free. Check.  “Work” for a few hours a day. Check. Have an extended … Continue reading

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